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Sub-Assembly Manufacturing

We have just updated our website to include our sub-assembly services. Many customers do not realize that we can combine our fabrication and machining departments to supply fully-assembled units. Please see the article below:


A sub assembly is a number of machined and fabricated components integrated into a single unit. 

For over 30 years D&D have been combining both their Fabrication and Machining capabilities to offer sub-assemblies to our OEM customers. By utilizing the sub-assembly service our customers place only one order and receive a an assembly ready to be fitted to their equipment.  Not only does this reduce the up-front purchasing work but it also reduces your shop floor requirement meaning they can concentrate on what they are good at!

  • Single order number for all components.
  • Delivered assembled, ready to be integrated.
  • Various levels of testing offered.
  • Reduce in house labour hours
  • Assembled Fabricated and Machined components all from one supplier.


  • Food
  • FMCG
  • Automation
  • Packaging
  • OEM’s.